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Development Projects and Consulting Pvt. Ltd

Development Projects and Consulting Private Limited (MDPCPL) was incorporated in the year 2004 as a Section 1 company under the Indian Companies Act, 1956. MDPCPL has three promoters Mr. Rahul J. Mittra, Mr. Arupjyoti Rai Baruah and Mr. Mahendra Dev and operates as the consulting arm of the Margdarshak group.

MDPCPL is engaged in providing research, impact assessment, strategy building and similar consulting support in the areas of livelihood and microfinance in India and abroad. MDPCPL is headed by Mr. Arupjyoti Rai Baruah and the company has a team of about eight professionals based at Delhi, Lucknow and Goa. MDPCPL has worked with various national and international clients including Traidcraft, Oxfam, ILO, SIDBI, etc.